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What to Consider When Planning Décor for an Athletic Banquet on a Budget?

Here at Celebrations we get a lot of calls from the local schools about decorating for different school banquets especially for their end of the season sport celebrations. Of course the budget for these events range from one extreme to the other. As soon as we get all of the information from the client our job is to get “the most bang for their buck.” We want their budget to work for them.

Questions to consider:

What is the Main Focus of the event?

In the case of a sports recognition ceremony the focus should be on the athletes. Instead of trying to spread the budget by doing small centerpieces for every table, we recommend making large statement pieces on the players’ tables, using large balloons that support the school colors and the particular sport. Using 16” (or even 24” and 30”) balloons really make a focal point for the room and gives a usually large banquet room some height. If budget permits, we like adding in different shape balloons like our geo blossoms or adding some curls using 260Qs to give the bouquet even more character – giving it that WOW factor and making it the first thing people see when they enter the room.

What are the secondary focal points?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the type of event but when it comes to Sport Banquets there are several places to consider.

1) Coaches Table: The student athletes are the star of the show but the night is also about celebrating the coaches. Assuming that they are sitting at the same table we like to put an equally interesting but scaled down centerpiece on their table.

2) Podium: For a large portion of the event, everyone’s eyes will be up at the podium listening to the coaches’ talk about the season and handing out awards and certificates. Bring the color of the event over to the podium with a couple of tall yet thin balloon trees or columns. If the budget allows, consider the following locations:

3) Check-in Table: this bouquet can be as simple as 3 or 5 latex balloons (in school colors) tied to a weight. The balloons will draw people over to the table as they enter the event.

4) Senior Award Table: often banquets have a table designated to “all things Seniors.” The table may have the senior gifts, awards and/or photos from Senior Night. Help draw people over to the table by catching their eyes with the movement and excitement of complimenting bouquets or a single strand table arch

5) Cake/Buffet Tables: Not a necessity but if the budget permits adding some balloons to the cake/buffet tables is an easy way to bring color to other parts of the room.

At Celebrations we often recommend, especially in a large room, to have bigger and bolder statement pieces rather than spreading small balloons throughout the room. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger budget for your banquet try incorporating a signature sculpture related to your specific sport. Maybe a football player made out of balloons or a 6 foot baseball bat with a 30” mylar baseball on the top.

No matter what your budget, let Celebrations help you get the most “bang for your buck”. Give us a call at 518-441- 6240.